Sunday, February 08, 2009


Monday afternoon we had to take Grayson to the docs to look at his bum. He developed a bump that we were safe saying was staph infection. The doc confirmed and thought possibly MRSA so he contacted PCH (Phx Children's Hospital) and we went over to have him admitted.


Anyway, the call from our doc's office is a head's up, not a cut in line nor a reservation of any kind. FOUR hours later we get to an er room. Three hours later we go home ( which is now midnight). Fortunately I have relatives around the corner that watched Chloe for us until grandma and grandpa came to take her for the night when we realized where this was all hell in a handba- anyway.

They lanced the boil, took sample for the culture and sent us home.

He was just awesome the whole evening, fortunately - that is until they squeezed and bruised the heck out of his bum. The poor guy! They were clueless, unprofessional, had to be told what was going on constantly, and it wasn't chaotic with trauma coming in or anything. Just a total clusterF*- so after 7 hours in er (seeing the doc/RNs for less than an hour combined) we left pissed and tired.

FOUR days later (3 later than they said it would) we get the culture results back and they are inconclusive. It shows stomach bacteria and feces???? They sent the report to our doc's office who confirmed they screwed up the culture. Okay. Now what.

This Monday we go back to our doc to check on the boy's bum, verify all is well, and NEVER EVER go back to PCH - and tell everyone else to avoid their ER like the plague it is.

This guy sure gives us a run for the money; thank goodness we did our taxes!

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