Wednesday, April 08, 2009

creature of habit

So I have my morning routine, like most. Once I am ready to leave for the day I head over to my "local" convenience store for my 32 oz. wake up juice and in to work I go. Before the move of '07 I would pass through the QT (Quik Trip) on the corner - along the way - get my Diet DP and enjoy the day. After the move of '07 I only had Circle K at my disposal. This wasn't too great a hardship, at first, as they did have Dr. DP on the fountain - we're in business.

I am NOT a morning person despite when I begin work. I need more care and attention when I am being waited upon nowadays. The Circle K on Deer Valley and 35th are just not my cup of tea. I went 3-4 days a week every morning and I don't think I could count on one hand how many times I was checked out without an attitude.

Now, because my enroute K was disliked for their performance I opted to go out of my way to my old QT when I left with ample time to do so. On the days I'm running late I just head to the Circle K at Union Hills and 35th. Although the place smells like a cat box the women their are great. They say good morning, they are open to chatting, are quite pleasant, and seem to at least pretend to like what they are doing.

Now anyone who's experienced a QT knows there is no substitute. Their fountain runs long and holds a vast variety of beverages, including flavorings, with a clean, brushed nickel finish. It's a marvelous sight for the conissour of fountain beverages. Their cups are of a supple plastic. They have flexible lids and two sizes of beverage straws kept sterile in their individual paper sheath. Some locations, for reasons unknown, have reduced their supply to only ONE size straw which I was not pleased with as my preference was that phased out.

Anyway, Circle K has decent cups but their lids are a brittle plastic material and kept in this tunnel that you fight with the tunnel cap to get the lid out. You know people are touching other lids trying to pull their lid free. Their straws are kept sterile however they are in a clear plastic wrapper. This covering is so mighty I feel like I'm performing a hand job just to get the straw out of its wrapper! I'm a lesbian - this causes me some discomfort and I check periforally around me to see if anyone else is watching my actions.

My preference? Hands down, QT! But if I have to take my money to Circle K I will happily enter the cat box for some morning joy rather than the grumpy biker guy at the shop along the way. So I guess service with a smile really is affective.


~minta~ said...

why not the circle K at pinnacle peak & 36th ave ?....

Kathryn Dawn said...

That's a Four Brothers' Chevron...their fountain beverages are weak and poorly mixed.