Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Breakroom Etiquette

I work in a three-story building amongst a "compound" of four buildings. Each building has their own break rooms and some offer a cafeteria as well. In my particular building of three stories, each floor has its own breakroom. There is a reocurring issue in these break rooms that my immediate co-workers and I cannot understand.

The breakroom on each floor is approximately 400 to 600 sf in size. One wall contains 4-5 vending machines and the connecting wall hosts several microwaves, a double sink, coffee machine, tea and coffee fixins counter space, an ice and water machine and then the trash and recycling receptacles. The remainder of the room is filled with tables and chairs and a tv in the far corner suspended from the ceiling.

Any time of day, any day of the week, the place is a buzz and on occasion you may see someone utilize the tables and chairs previously mentioned. However, most times, people congrugate DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the vending machines and coffee / microwave counters, holding lengthy conversations, creating an issue and a dodge affect everytime someone comes in to use them.

Why do they do this? Why do they continue to shuffle an inch or two (if they even notice) in every possible direction as necessary instead of USING THE TABLES AND CHAIRS to have their discussion - or hell, even moving to the other side of the room? If you are just running your mouths you obviously you don't need coffee, ice, or a snickers so move your ASSES!

On a lighter note, why, when no one is in the restroom but you, the next person walks in and sits in the stall right next to yours??? I leave you to talk amongst yourselves.

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