Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary - TWENTY years!!

Wake UP!

Do the Right Thing - twenty years ago. I'd just graduated high school and moved back to NY trying to get as far from AZ as possible. We drove to Rockaway, NJ to see the film. Powerful, emotional, and controversial to say the least.

Spike was ridiculed at the time for not providing the solution at the end, to our society's racial conflicts.
In a recent interview regarding the film's anniversary he was asked about the solution once again,

"That's not my job, I don't have the answer for that. The film was to show what I felt at the time were issues that needed to be dealt with."

I remember the buzz of contempt surrounding the Academy Awards the following spring for lack of representation for such an amazing film. Kim Basinger, while announcing nominees, made an impromptu comment about Do the Right Thing being overlooked intentionally and how the Academy disrespected the work.

Looks like Spike won anyway -
Do the Right Thing is in the top 100 greatest American Movies in Film History according to American Film Institute! That beats an Oscar nod any day, I'd say.

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