Thursday, July 16, 2009

feeling wicked

For the kids b-days we had anice dinner and movie night. The big ones were annoyed they couldn"t hang with their friends as it was a Friday night but they were forced to stay home with the family and enjoy popcorn and a classic flick.

I wasn't able to rent Wizard of Oz anywhere, nor purchase the movie as it is out of print, nor find it anywhere second prices were ridiculous. Fortunately my sister had a copy so we borrowed her DVD - apparently a new re-issue is due this year and that is causing the increased value of the previous copies....anyway - we finished dinner and made them line up at the hallway to receive their movie tickets. As we handed them their tickets they started screaming and tearing up - they were tix to Wicked the following week.

The show was a lot of fun and they enjoyed it so much - it was a nice afternoon with everyone and for most of the kids, this was their first play. Although the play is a bit removed from the original story it is still executed so well and has a great impact. Still was just as enjoyable as when hon and I saw it in Chicago.

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