Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Chloe learned a new word from her Uncle Nicky! Came home after work yesterday and she just kept saying it...over and over and over with such enthusiasm. Grayson insisted going to nap with his baseball glove. Yes, I've been grooming him to play since birth but he really does have a knack...throwing both left and right handed very well and wanting the glove to fit both hands too. Guess I know what his Christmas gift will be this year...a right mitt?
They are growing so fast - totally looking forward to the holidays this year. Wasn't really a big thing last season but they understand and appreciate things now. Here are a couple pics Hon took the other day - the play house wall thing was just the funniest thing ever to them; opening and closing the shutters was the bomb!

She so has my cheeks...I apologize nearly daily for them. They're good during the younger years; saves makeup and all, but when you get older they just blaze showing any and all emotion. UGH!

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