Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Reason!!

There's been much buzz regarding Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season. Mostly the talk has been about how ridiculous or silly it is that we take only one day out of the year to say or realize what we are thankful for. Christmas is the only time we make to be kind to others and are charitable (as a whole) and "good will toward men" - minded.

That may be true - I'm sure it is for the majority of us...we only act with conscious effort to be thankful and kind during this latter time of year. Is that a shame? Sure is. Is it likely to change? Not yet. Is that a horrible thing? There are much worse crimes we are committing.

Now, I am sure if I were to do a historic journey of this blog I'd find my very own words stating something quite similar! As we grow and we learn, our perceptions alter and we evolve. Not that the evolution is necessarily progressive but nonetheless the change is inevitable and - I belive - usually, a positive thing.

Here's the thing...time, like money, is spent recklessly and when you look back, it's very difficult to realize where it all went. Days go by so fast, especially as we get older, it's Thanksgiving again - and it wast JUST HERE!!! We get bogged down in day to day and week to week with work, with kids, pets, friends, grocery shopping, getting water jugs filled and oil changes done! We're on lines for gas, for stamps, for tickets, for a soda at the local Kwik Mart of your choice. Time keeps on know the rest. If we actually get to take that day - that ONE day to stop and reflect and appreciate and acknowledge, extend, and feel something - that's awesome. That is what I would call a miracle. Because in our bluetoothed-cell, WiFi-booked, Tweet-facebook mentality - that's a lot of time!
We get in our "good" clothes, sit around a table together (which for some is the only time of year), and take pictures that in our later years we will truly appreciate. We make phone calls, or shout outs on FaceBook or Twitter or MySpace, to those we don't see or even think of often. We take an extra few minutes to hold the doors for people, to help them pick up their dropped packages, load their cars, or let them ahead of us in line. It would be nice if we behaved like this daily (and some do) - but that's not reality and that's not likely to change. The idea that we can see this and take six weeks to do the right thing and be the people we want to be and breathe and look inside from out, makes this time of year a great couple of months.

Of course, after the New Year and resolutions are in, so is the self-loathing (and all that comes with it) but hey, that's not til next year so we'll worry about that then. Hope everyone takes the time alotted (hurry...tick tock -lol) to appreciate themselves and those special in their lives. Happy Holidays!


~minta~ said...

they are just too dang cute for words =) u sure make pretty babies...

Malifacent said...

Thank you - Happy Belated Birthday - hope you celebrated appropriately!!