Sunday, November 08, 2009

What weekend?

Busy busy weekend...scalped and reseeded the lawn, replanted a couple of trees, sanded-stained-stripped-sanded-stained the new dining table, rehomed (and then rehomed some more guinea pigs), and Grayson got his first official haircut!

To begin with, the kids had six GPs at their dad's that once belonged to a cousing who went to college and could no longer keep them. We rehomed them from their dad's to our house and then a friend of a friend who had just lost their's to pneumonia after being under Vets care took two of them home.

We now have a mother, father, 5 day-old baby, and a 4-month old sibling. I have no idea of the sex of the newborn or the 4-month old but mom and newbie are in one cage and dad and the teen are in another. I'll have to get pics-they are pretty cool.
Looking for a home for dad asap but plan on keeping the newbie. I am in the process of litter training Mellow, newbie's name, and the bogos just get such a kick out them. Granted they can't handle them, especially Gray, he's very excited. The kids want to keep mom and the teen so we'll see how it goes and just take it day at a time.
Grayson had his haircut this weekend...his hair was getting lengthy and Hon felt it was time to set him down and trim it proper. She did a nice job - although I wasn't a huge fan of spiky-do. After bathtime we combed it out and I was happier with the result. They are growing so fast...she had a house trim which still took two of us wrestling with her to get done. Nope, no salon treatment for her for a while yet...what a pistol!

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