Monday, May 24, 2010

Apples to Oranges

Everyone wants to scream that BP's spill is Obama's Katrina...really? Are hundreds of people evacuating, left stranded on rooftops, dying or being put to death in hospitals? No. Is there a tragic event taking place - yes. Let's not let the media run away with the drama to make something more than it is - because in reality, it's big enough all by itself.

However, an interesting article by David Gergen is here for your reading pleasure. He makes a good point - Obama should be and have been FAR more involved than he is/was. He reacted immediately, learning that key "immediate response" mishap from previous Bush. However, where is the action?!

We are spilling oil for over a month into the ocean and they still can't get it right. Did no one plan ahead and have a failsafe in case something of this nature ever occurred? Apparently not, at least not tested. Yea, let's off-shore some-more...guess we don't have to worry about that controversy any longer, whew!

Most importantly, why isn't Obama stepping up? Why does he believe it is solely the responsibility of BP and leaving them to figure it out? This is not the time to teach someone a lesson. Let's work collectively to fix the issue and THEN deal with consequences to the company at fault.

This is getting tired and ridiculous and his inability to react beyond his initial appearance is very, maybe that's where the Katrina resemblence comes in?

As Gergen pointed out - gather the minds and military, get them delegated to specific courses of action so you have people at all four corners working at their own angles to solve the matter - once the damage is under control youcan hand out the spankings.



~minta~ said...

u had me at spankings.....

Malifacent said...

wacko! :D