Monday, June 14, 2010


WTH?! Did someone hop into a Delorean and run us back in time? How is it possible the FDA voted 9-6 against lifting the blood ban from gay men? Does the FDA read any medical journals, news papers, or even a rag mag? This is a FEDERAL agency that doesn't, apparently, know how HIV/AIDS works.

Needles and sex. That's it, folks - needles and sex. Can be men/men, women/women, men/women - including elderly and teens - sex is sex and when fluids collide HIV is possible should EITHER of those involved be infected.

There is no comprehension to their decision - no justification - no rationalization. It is simply INCREDIBLY STUPID for anyone with half an education living in 2010 to think HIV is a "gay man's disease" and I am disgusted and offended and saddened.

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