Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonder Woman gets a makeover

Read about the new changes coming to Wonder Woman today in a cute article. In recent years, for reasons unknown, I've really become more interested in comic book characters, more specifically, the WOMEN Superheroes.
I've been following the new Batwoman since her latest debut as a lesbian crime fighter in '05. She too, was made over when she was re-released in the Detective comic book series a couple years later - which I've collected.
Her original debut of '05 is by far my preferred look for Batwoman. She's tough, sexy, sophisticated - everything a hot-ass superheroine should be. The newest look for her is a bit on the SEXPOT side of things. I think I like her outfit more but not so much the RED hair - I thought she smoldered more as a husky auburn. Anyway, this is about Wonder Woman. The bustier is gone, the shorts, hm...underwear, are gone. Even that multi-functional crown appears to have been left by the wayside. In it's place, an Olivia Newton-John "let's get physical" headband. Her new look? It's a bit grittier - she's more clothed, which I rather do like - and they recreated her, in my opinion, to look more like the lesbian crime stopper than Batwoman. Like the tough jacket- so 80's Members Only, now that's hot!

I do find myself missing her legs, they looked so long, ...and shoulders. You decide.

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