Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playlist time

So I have resumed my regimen - to a certain degree. I miss the old gym layout - much more convenient to my routine but I am at least back regularly - nearly daily and feeling really nice about it. My body is trembling as I type from the lastest workout. I have revamped my playlist - but needing to add a few new bits I haven't had a chance to sync up yet.

Work out Playlist - 1Q/2012 - not quite in this order

Find Your Love Drake - easy warm up; stretch and sway
Don't Cha Pussy Cat Dolls
At the End ILO
Fast Love George Michael
Smack My Bitch Up Prodigy
Rebel Yell Billy Idol - fave to run to
All these Lives Daughtry
Back on the Road Again REO Speedwagon
Kashmire Led Zeppelin - mental push/second wind
Burn it to the Ground Nickelback
Measure Up to Me Pink
Before the Worst The Script
Breakdown Daughtry
Twilight Zone Golden Earring
Boys of Summer DJ Sammy (cover)
Freedom '90 George Michael
You can't Be Me Pink - great pacing for curls
Call Me Go West
................and to finish strong.............
No Easy Way Out Robert Tepper (Rocky IV)
Training Montage Vince DiCola (Rocky IV)
Going the Distance Bill Conti (Rocky)

I have a lot of work to do to get the results I am seeking - and that's okay. I've begun the
path to get there and I am quite enjoying it as I do. My initial plan is to be aware of what I
eat but maintain majority of my focus on routine and developing my habits, techniques, and
varieties of exercises in the gym. My food choices are good and in alignment but definitely
need to be tuned up - a need some new additions on that end as well. Although I did score the recipe to a protein shake I have been truly enjoying - Coconut milk, strawberries, and vanilla whey protein powder - BLEND and enjoy!!

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