Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Where I'd so much rather be...

AHHHHHHHH, this is a most scrumptious thought at the moment. Pushing 2 am in a club is one thing however sitting in front of a terminal 'working' all night is quite another. Fortunately, a friend has turned me onto working on my own blog to help pass the night away...so, to amend a previous statement from a previous blog...I should be able to keep this 'somewhat' up to date at least on my work nights...lol!

Working on learning some tricks to improve my page et al however it may be a while as I only get three days a week to pick some stuff up so I'll be heavily reading and 'borrowing' from others to get this shtuff figured out.

Bare with me guys. Oh, and if anyone has any good sites to check out or tips of the blogdom by all means let me know, I'm not adverse to criticism so long it's constructive...speaking of which...anyone interested in some light reading and even writing (exercises or fantasy) check out this site : www.fanfiction.net - NO, I haven't posted on there yet but am waiting for something to strike a nerve for me so that I go on a page after page rampage to fix what Hollywood jacked up. Hey, at least they've finally gotten the clue about reality (yea right) tv and it's a waning prospect - FINALLY!!!! Scripted program was sorely missed.

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DrM2B said...

awwwww.....I miss that little guy......SHOCK....WAVE.....dot....coooomm.......oh the memories.....M