Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Tower Records had/has a publication called PULSE! where they housed a section called DIDs aka Desert Island Discs. If you were stranded on a deserted island what 10 cds are a must have. This task is not as easy as it seems and being a music fiend, er grew progressively more difficult as I neared the end.

One saving grace are the greatest hit compliations that are so common today but I dare you, DOUBLE DOG, to write it up not using a single Greatest Hits record or Box set. Be true. Try it, it's a tough nut to crack. But, I moved on and made the ~commitment!~ and here they are in no particular order since, well -
I either have all ten or I don't :

1) The Prayer Cycle - Jonathan Elias
ALL the beauty in a single cd - something to feed the soul.

2) Disintegration - Cure
For the days I just want to die but be cool doing so.

3) Rumors - Fleetwood Mac
Classic rock to take care of the landscaping and build a shanti to.

4) Breakdown - Melissa Etheridge
Very introspective and raw - perhaps inspire a journal of my stay in the sand?

5) Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - Sarah McLachlan
Music and voice to take me into the evenings
over moonlit dinners of crab and coconut.

6) Rapture - Anita Baker
To woo my make believe girlfriend as the sun bakes my brain to insanity.

7) Waiting for the Night - Freddy Jones Band
Very outdoors and picnic like - good hanging with friends kind of stuff, spirit pick-me-up.

8) Black and White - BoDeans
Almost cheated with these guys...feel good sing along music, they rock!

9) Love Deluxe - Sade
Something for those balmy days to chill to.

10) Believe - Cher
There's got to be a night life!?!?!?! Everybody DANCE!!!!!!!

I know I've forgotten to even consider plenty of other groups. Simply Red, Depheche Mode, EARLY Madonna not to mention Stevie Nicks solo efforts. The MOTELS, LOVE THEM!!!

However, this is about being stranded and the choices need to be for the long haul, something that wouldn't make me crazy but tickle my fancy and feed my moods. Therefore the above is the list. Try making your own - perhaps you'll remind me of another forgotten artist and I'll have to redo he list all over again.


DrM2B said...

Okay.....of course I agree with all listed....however......(you know I always have a however)...WHERE THE HELL is my BOY SEAL!!! or did you not want an island reminder of the "lost Keys" incident??? I mean ...why not......its not like you would need the keys on the island...right ???/ LOVE ya...mean it! M

Goeve said...

Hey make your own damn list then talk to me about where who is what?!?! LOL - actually it was very difficult to do w/o using box sets, greatest hits, etc. If so, I would so place SEAL double CD (WHICH I OWN AND PLAY A LOT!) however, such was not the case... play on, my friend! Future Love Paradise!!!!