Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blessed are the quiet evenings.

Fortunately, tonight has so far proven to be very quiet at work. After an 1 1/2 hour waste of time called a meeting, I have sat at my desk looking for things to do when it occurred to me, "HEY! Why not work on my blog?!" So, here I am at that. I'm online listening to the msn radio station 80's grooves which I state time and time again, I am stuck in and proud to say and stay so!
Having that said, it made me think of some pretty embarassing times: argyle vest sweaters over polo shirts and moccasin boots with black concert tees.

Not to mention CHOOSE LIFE oversized shirts and knock0ff RayBans.

Yea, those were the days

Which of course leads me to the point of this whole 'discussion' if you will and that is those little guilty pleasures that we horde secretly when we're in the shower and the house is empty or alone in the car on an empty freeway, or late at night on the tube while the rest of the clan are asleep.

Anyway...in the interest of introspection, I'll shed my 'cloak' and share some of those little tweak pieces of me that make me the dork that I am. Such as staying up to watch Wonder Woman reruns(probably still would if I had the time). Listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart and ACTING OUT the drama...Oh, the drama...

Watching Footloose and getting excited when Bacon and Penn start dancing at the end. Or even better, singing along to Michelle Pfieffer in Grease 2 as she straddles the ladder in Cool Rider... hey, I think she once made my list (see prev entry).

I recall listening to Tears for Fears and marvelling at what I thought at the time to be political genius along with groaning in agony with Robert Smith's angst.

Feeling like part of the brat pack and totally associating all my friends with different members of the breakfast club. Thinking Demi Moore and Rob Lowe were the perfect intense couple. Actually, jr high was more like the club, in high school it was Fast Times and who didn't know a Spicoli or enjoy their own version of Mr. Hand????

Remember Rupert Holmes and his Pina Coladas...thought that was such a romantic song... yea, about a guy looking to cheat/dump his wife... far cry from the tragedies of Shakespeare but hey, it was the 80's which was perhaps the MOST shallow decade of all time.

Considering entertainment on the telly those days were the dramas: Dynasty, Dallas, Knots Landing, and Falcon Crest. C'mon, what kind of positive influence were they??? Hey, give them SOME credit. It did inspire an entire generation to make money, wield power, and sleep around though.

I recall fondly PopRocks and Duran Duran, reading Tiger Beat magazines and discussing if Scott Baio or Matt Dillon were hotter; I remember rock and roll before it became a bad hair joke and Sting outgrew the Police...

Yet somewhere between MTV(when there was music) and AIDS we learned all we needed to know about life, politics, and the American Way.

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