Sunday, November 06, 2005

Okay, totally feeling like a cheater today

My last two posts were pure fluff and for all the 'fun' they may have posed in reality there was no substance. Ergo, I will try to be a little more insightful, as it won't take much, now with this entry discuss what I love to bring up most often as party gabble...The List!

As many may already be familiar with, The List is a list of celebrity we are given the right to be unfaithful with should the opportunity present itself. Now I am HUGE on fidelity if I am in a monogomous relationship so I don't justify cheating on any OTHER level however, I think the list important and deserves some fair attention.

Which brings me to my list:

1) Hello Salma...between her passion and drive in the industry not to mention that accent and incredible BRAIN she is on the top of the list. Not just because she is obviously beautiful, but incredible focused and dedicated to her craft, her vision, her dream. She makes films that matter, such as In the Time of the Butterflies, Frida, Desperados...okay maybe not the last one although it did matter to me...

2) Now I'm a huge fan of music of ALL kinds, international as well as domestic pop and there are songwriters that are truly gifted and all inspiring. Upon my Junior year of high school I connected with the style and beautiful music created out of Vox, Sarah's first album. I've been hooked by her somber yet magical sound ever since. She can take me places and back with every refrain. Gotta love that.

3) Number three is the uncomparable Susan Sarandon. Gotta love an older woman and what's so fantastic about her is her ideals, her outspoken ways and how she wears her heart on her sleeve. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind and she doesn't just talk but she acts. Involved in so many worth while causes and always charitable to a fault. Truly intellectual and beautiful and talented and so amazing. Just to listen to her talk, ... fanning myself to prevent fainting at the mere thought. Most provacative and incredible lucious. Sorry for being crude but I think she would win most seductive, sexy, sultry woman in this entire list...why she's not number 1 you might ask...? I just don't know - guess it comes back down to the age thing? Shitty of me I know but hey, she is with out a doubt in the top three!!! Hmm, in hind sight I have a thing for women with S names...who knew?

4) Now when you get down to 4 and 5 it becomes far more difficult to choose because you only have two spots left and you just naturally become that much more critical. These two spots for me seem to be alternating like a revolving door depending on the new celebrity to come forward or what I may find revealed of another so for me I treat spots 4 and 5 as alternates. In this place there's been a few that I will not name for embarassment and some for I simply forgot...obviously not worthy of being placed in the first place. Some that made these spots on the list are :
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and not because I know much about her but because she's a pretty woman (my so shallow side) and I loved her character from The Abyss...a strong, very strong yet fallable heroine. But she has a fun side as shown in Robin Hood Prince of Theives.

Another, Angie Harmon, again incredibly dark and beautiful woman yet also a strong character from Law and Order (sad day when she left) plus love that husky voice. Also Meg Ryan (the only blond I think?) and others...I don't know. What I do know is the constants that have stayed are the Women of spaces 1, 2 and 3. Commitment has been a problem of mine in the past and knowing I have spaces 4 and 5 revolving I guess let me feel like I have that out?!?!?! LOL!

So that is my post for the night...unless of course something spectacular occurs while the rest of you sleep...although I highly doubt least not here in my cube cell of grey and purple flecked fabricated 'walls'.

Now you all have something to ponder and reflect upon - please, share your lists!

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DrM2B said...

Okay.......Finally a posting of substance !!! LOL Not to diminish your homelife relationship issues....but hey....THIS SHITE is important! U are sooo funny in the last 2 being alternates.........PLEASE ...that shouldnt be allowed.......I mean didnt Ross find that out the hard way??? and with your beloved Susan none the less......anywho....Im off to a luncheon thingy and class pictures for our project ....and then being that its a half day...Im off to finish the dreaded rewrites ! GOD I HATE THIS STAGE OF THE GAME!! I have until tomarrow eve to submit. THINK POSITIVE thoughts ...or think "fast brilliant typing" thoughts at least.....and Wednesday I will address "MY LIST"... M