Monday, November 28, 2005


Two things I think are a big waste of time, sleeping and using the restroom...

now there's not much to gripe about sleeping unless of course you are unable to and are in dire need of it however there is mucho to discuss when it comes to the other physical neccessity.

Gripe list begins now:

1) When you tear off the tissue paper and you get that tail, you know, the corner piece that lingers into the next square and creates this uneven cut of the paper. Hate that.

2) When you need to just do number one but you know you'll end up with a squeaker and you're using a public restroom so you try to release number one slowly to avoid the 'soundtrack'.

3) When you have an upset tummy and need to take care of it like, NOW and someone is in the restroom lingering to do their hair or just admire themselves in the mirror knowing full well you need the privacy - they do it to torture us!

4) The person who tries to enter your stall and realizes it's locked and then LOOKS in the crack to verify if it really is indeed occupied?! What's up with that!

5) The toilets that flush when you aren't done, swear these must have been cross-breeds between toilets and boudays

6) When you just get done(bad tummy) and as soon as you zip your pants, that pain comes back and you're back to square one.

7)You've got to go really bad and when you close the door you find "water" left behind on the seat

8) No toilet paper, paper towels, soap, or the faucets aren't working.

9)The extra roll (ONLY roll which is usually brown) of paper towels is sitting on that little metal shelf beneath the wall length mirror or on top of the paper compartment and has wet finger marks all along the top/bottom where it was grabbed before.

10) When the door opens inward and the garbarge can is no where near the door preventing you from either a) exiting using a paper towel and disposing of before leaving the area or b) forcing you to use the towel but then find a trash outside the restroom or c) using the towel, swinging the door extra wide so you can mad dash it to the trash receptacle, toss the used towel and sneak through the door before it closes on you
[sucks when you don't make it in time and have to start alllll over!]


•♥•m•♥• said...

okay....either you went xmas shopping this past weekend ....and had tummy issues...causing this tirate on "public-toilet" issues??? or there are little "whos the fairest of them all" people using your bath at home and you needed to ease your tummy woes???

Either way.....your commentary on the little corner after you rip ....was a little scary and U must refer to your 5 listing which talks about the leaps you have made regarding being a "control freak"??? ya,,,not in that category...... LOL so...not so busy at work this past nite??? (Obviously too busy to comment on my blog I see mmmm???) M

Malifacent said...

that is NOT a control thing but more of an OCD thing...and that's!

Yea,it was quiet and I had just oh so much on my mind, apparently.