Sunday, November 06, 2005


Still working on my html skill, or lack thereof. Tried to tweak a few things and ended up shutting down some features. My apologies. Back at work now so I am back 'at work' on my

Crazy night at work tonight so I can't have too much fun but it's just the beginning of the week folks so there'll be more coming shortly ... at least til 'Friday' arrives. Which can't be soon enough, oy what a weekend I

Between pool pump burnout, two flat tires, bad breakers and no power in the two bathrooms, back door broke and new french doors installed, not to mention a dental visit (part one) with a crown to ensue during part two, sheesh, had to come back to work for a break...yea, so glad to be here... all I keep hearing is CH-CHING!!!!

I think I could just really use a good ol' hug!

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