Monday, November 28, 2005

The pot calling the kettle...?

Okay, it's that time of year again when the streets are steaming from the cold air against the vents and kids are giddy with dreams in their head's and lists on their brains. People are in love or are miserable because they are not in love and for a little while every one is especially kinder...which is nice. However...

It never fails that every year at this TIME of year there is an email that goes around (I've already rec'd it for 2005) about Target denying Salvation Army jingling rights in front of their stores. It calls for a ban against the 'French owned' company. Now I don't know if they are or aren't French owned as my life is FAR too busy to verify by doing the research and I've come to learn that only a tenth of a percent do I believe that I see online via email or otherwise. Check SNOPES.COM for other validation on anything you come across...anyway...

To set the record straight...this issue is thus -

Target doesn't allow any organization or group or business or whatever that practices discrimination have anything to do with their name. Salvation Army (FOR YEARS!!!) has been known and does have pending suit after suit and already lost litigation in court to the fact that they have harassed, fired, and discriminated against those working for them or needing that 'helpful hand' due to religious practices, beliefs and sexuality to name a few. According to much documentation that CAN be substantiated - the Salvation Army has fired and harassed its employees who were known to practice a different religion than the company's beliefs or for having no belief whatsoever and has also denied assistance to those in need because of their sexuality. It is for THESE reasons that the store TARGET will not allow them in front of their doors. For as they do serve a good cause, they only serve SOME of America and not ALL of America which BY THE WAY was founded on religious Imagine that.

So before anyone starts getting down with downing Target and boycotting them for this...realize you are serving a hypocrisy. I do not donate to the Salvation Army and I am one of hundreds upon thousands who do not support them due to these practices. There are many other local and national charities that work out of real pureness and it is those I either donate my time to or contribute my dollar. This is not to solicit you to NOT give to the Salvation Army but only to educate those who are unaware of the big picture before you erroneously forward another email yet again this year.

To that note, here's wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

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DrM2B said...

ROCK on U rebel!!! Great posting! I think this BLOGGing thing is a good outlet for U!!!....gets you revved for other types of "WRITING" ...publication.....hinthint....INCOME for what you love to do and do so well when you do that vodoo that you do,,.,ooopss got carried away there. LOL M