Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Could be... Who knows....?

There's something due any day
I will know right away
Soon as it shows
It may come cannonballin' down through the sky
Gleam in its eye...Bright as a rose!
Who knows?
It's only just out of reach
Down the block, on a beachUnder a tree
I got a feeling there's a miracle due
Gonna come true
Coming to me

Could it be?
Yes it could
Something's coming - Something good
If I can wait
Come on - deliverTo me
Will it be? Yes it will
Maybe just by holding still

KIDS! Pack up the wagon!!!!...Flagstaff has FINALLY rec'd snow!

Wednesday Day:Breezy and colder with periods of snow, accumulating 1-3 inches.

Wednesday Night: Snow showers, accumulating a coating to an inch this evening

Think snow!
Picture taken January 20, 2006

YES!!!! IT'S ALIIIIIVVVVEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so it's really just more of a start...there, gosh!

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