Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm HOME!!!

I went to the ER last Friday after work because my PC said he suspected a blockage in my esophagas due to my symptoms getting worse and nothing showed on the xray. I didn't think I was going to be admitted. Well, I just got home and have been diagnosed with GERD. Guess I've been suffering reflux for some time and caused damage to my esophogas. I've tons of pills to take and a whole new diet to live by.


...death ahhhhhhhhhhh

But all in all I am very glad to be home. REALLY glad to have showered, and using my computer. Still fighting for good health in the new year! LOL!


DrM2B said...

okay....good news and bad news I guess huh?.....Good you found out,,,bad news about the diet! I know U dont do coffee,,,(that would be death to me) ,,,,but the absence of spicy foods??? Thats what is going to get U I think. JeriLyn has that too ya know? her and find out more .....perhaps U can eat spicy ...but only certain kinds or not before lying down?? I dont know.....back to the books...did I tell U Im hating life right now???? doctor smoctor...

Leesa said...

Wow, I think I'd die if they took me off all of that...ugggh.

Goeve said...

I don't have the norm issues with eating / lying down / repeating on me...etc. It was without any symptoms at all except hiccups so I'm a bit peeved. Because I let it go so long I damaged the esophagas and now have to medicate to heal blah blah blah and the diet prevents new and further damage. Yea, I'm hatin' it!