Friday, January 20, 2006

Never gonna believe this one

Just to check in for those that stop by on occasion...

I'm sick...AGAIN! Been running a fever since at least Monday when I finally broke down and went to see a doctor (NOT my fave people). I have since gone to another doctor because I didn't care for the first sooo much and everything got a hell of a lot worse.

I have had blood work, xrays, and am awaiting another test but all I can say is I have had no food, no beverage, and no rest since...ohhh, hmmmm, Tuesday? Yea, about that, although I did take a percocet which got me at least sleeping last night, WHOO HOOO!!!!

Outside of that though, I have some funky ass pain behind my sternum almost like when you eat something too big for whatever reason and it gets stuck? Well I didn't eat anything I just woke up and that feeling was there. If I try to even swallow salive it's painful. Has anyone, ANYONE ever had this and done the doc route...and if so can you give me a clue. I can go without food buy I am dying for a drink. Did I mention I live in AZ? I can only be thankful it's still "winter" at least.

I'm to take a dye test next week but I'm really hoping they got what they need off the xray cause I'm just about over this already.

So, not to cry in everyone's ear but I've been couched all week and just barely checked in for email etc and thought I'd catch up.


DrM2B said... Im getting concerned!.....I dont like the sounds of all that! .....Im buried in my comp rewrites all weekend.....but call if you need me.....Just across the street ya know! ....M

Goeve said...

no worries : )