Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Are they all stooopid?

On my soap box. . .

The topic of Cheney and the news delay came up at work tonight. They don't see what the big deal is that the info was given a day later. Hm? Well, let's see, could it be this administration has lied to us over and over again so much so that any thing that smells foul is looked at with cynicism? And furthermore, with damn good reason?

Ted's car "accident" was brought up and how Mary K.(don't know her last name spelling and too tired to look it up) died but the info was held off until later then exposed. Thank you for making my point. It was delayed being reported to assist a cover up. Just as who's to say this wasn't delayed for cover up purposes. Why else wouldn't the info been coughed up? Because they were sooo concerned for his health? NOT - according to the report provided the NEXT day he was in great shape and it was merely a flesh wound (LOL Go Monty!) right?

Look, this office is a joke and the WORLD knows this. The United States looks ridiculous right now and just continues to lose more respect the longer this guy hangs out in the oval office with his buddies.

I won't deny I am biased for two reasons; I'm a Democratic Liberal and I am agnostic. Those two things have me pretty much hating every single decision this guy has made since he stole the election with his cronies from Florida some 6-7 years ago. Without the threat of war and terrorism he'd have never lasted a second term - it's JUST that simple. There's a copy of his resume that goes to show you what kind of a guy ?half? the country voted into office. If this yahoo can succeed as well as he has, it gives us all hope I suppose, eh?

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