Sunday, February 26, 2006

To Dina!

"Dinah Shore's dead. She died backin '94. And, actually, the word is that she hated her snooty little golf tournament turned into a spring break for lesbians. Refused to acknowledge it.”

-- The L Word's Alice Pieszecki enlightening a carload of Dinah-bound buddies last season. More history on this weekend party found here.

This is a most incredible event. I liken it to a smaller scale Mardi Gras for lesbians. There's some degree of public nudity and sexual content, especially on the balconies during the pool parties along with much alcohol consumption, music, and overall party flavor.

However there are no beads invovled or parades and no one wears costumes with exception to the theme parties hosted at the hotel ballrooms.

I've been to four Dinah weekends and will soon be attending my fifth this March/April. It's a pilgrimage to say the least but a well worth it break from the daily deals...I'm not closeted however to a certain degree we live daily in some form of cocoon and it's nice to shed it during the week that is Dinah in Palm Springs, CA.

My experience with Dinah Shore Weekend started in 2000. I was reading an article in Curve magazine and Ellen D. and Anne H were to headline/MC the comedy show of the weekend. Well, DrM2B and I grabbed tix and head west for a party. We had a blast - it was a languid feeling 36 hours, LOL!

So two years later, we went again and it was even better. Spent the afternoon in Venice, shopping the outlet in PS then partied late into the next morning on what was an extended trip this go around. It was crazy, we had these Renaissance folk hanging in the room next to us as the festival was in town and Conan? was very intrigued by the weekend events. Much laughs were had over the weekend.

Well, my sister and her girlfriend had been wanting me to take them forever and my partner had never been so we went in 2004 and met up with my other sister who lives in CA with her girlfriend(my family is proof for arguing genetic homosexuality) and just for the record, I came out first (there, had to be said).

Anyway, they had a great time. We loved the pool party and enjoyed the night dancing and being open and generally having a great time. It's like owning the city - nothing but women mostly and it's so liberating to say the least.

We enjoyed it so much it has now become a tradition. My love and I went again last year, had a wonderful time and did our own thing.

This year we're all heading there again and will enjoy the sun, pool, drink and be amazed at the snow capped San Jacinto Mountains surrounding us. It is simply a majestic and blissful time that transcends any other pride festival I've ever attended. Can't wait to get out there.


DrM2B said...

WOW! First.... great use of the word languid!! ROFLMAO!...yes....languid it was.....ah the memories...sliding down the slide with curly-red-headed girl...zebra pants...seethru hairy sweaters...and U forgot the best part ! TOM JONES!!!

as for the renaissaince peeps...was conan his name?? I dont remember that....LOL

anywho....yes..Im very jealous ....but wait...Im also single!!! mmm?.....I may have to partake and find me a goil this year......

Goeve said...

I don't recall his name but he was big and hairy and wearing old clothes...didn't he carry a stick or sword of some sort?! LOL! Just nicknamed him. Ahh, yes, Tom down, that old couple looking at us like we had four heads!

DrM2B said...

I played TOM in honor I planted new cacti & rearranged the house some more =)


Goeve said...


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