Monday, February 27, 2006

Say hello to my little friend

My new baby! I love it and I feel like an A-dult now. Lol! This puppy has 15.4" WXGA Bright
View Widescreen, 1.0GB DDR2 SDRAM , 100GB 4200 RPM Hard Drive , DVD+/-RW/R & CD-RW Combo w/Double Layer Support , and most importantly it comes with a remote control which stores on board along the side of the keyboard. I hug it everyday and let it know it's loved.

It was actually a practical purchase because of the real estate appraisal biz picking up. I have been stuck in the office, across town, late for the past couple of weeks and my home grown unit died on me AGAIN (this time no downloading involved). So it was time to get mobile; now I can work in and out of the office etc. Just a few more orders and it will pay for itself ; )

I took weeks to find THE one. I was checking out the Toshiba Satellite series for a while because I was in search of something about 5lbs or less. Plus the 14" monitor was plenty of screen for me and my work however the sound quality was ridiculous on Toshiba as well as MANY others I sampled thru Best Buy, CompUSA, Circuit City, Fry's Electronics... hey, if they had pc's to tinker with, I checked them out.

Needless to say, this Dv4000 model fit the bill. Actually, I was looking for a diff HP model; a smaller unit. However, it was being discontinued and next to impossible to find. Then I was directed to this machine and when I saw the screen light up I was sold by the bright and shining object.
What an incredible monitor; widescreen, and the sound was just fabulous. OMG and wireless out the box...tried in several locations with connection every time. Splendid! But perhaps the biggest true factor that drove my search was for sound.

Music while I work is GREATLY appreciated and I just have to have that. I love my MP3 player but I don't like hanging out with buds in my ears so I got lucky and found a notebook that gave it's speaker location and quality a bit of a boost.
Thank you HP!


DrM2B said...

Just couldnt let me bask in my new 20 inch widescreen monitor ...huh??? Had to one-up me?!?! NIIIIIIICE ! ( we are such GEEKS!)

Goeve said...

How did I one up ya? Mine is only a mere 15.4 while yours is TWENTY!!! See, I am still bowing in the shadow of your glory! ROFLMAO!