Monday, March 20, 2006

Here, Here, Sarah!

"Which puts Sarah Waters on the Religious Right's list of the top 50 most threatening people in publishing. All the more reason for those of us across the pond to cheer on her success. "

Great site with an amazing article.

There's some interesting points of view expressed in the comments section as well. Once contends it takes time, talent, and individuals to change the climate of a nation and Ellen and her success was used as a reference point. However, an opposing or rather clarifying view point was given next in that Ellen only succeeds as an asexual host. She is not homosexual on her show in any way. And what's more is the reference to "Don't ask, don't tell" which DOES appear to be relevant not only in the military but our society as a whole. Agree or diagree?

After that it turns into a word war about whose country is more bigoted. Is it the US or the UK...? It's sad that they BOTH are but that's another post. I do tend to agree with the military reference...our society does tend to be "DADT". In my workplace everyone knows my sexual status as well as about my relationship. It isn't outwardly discussed but it is known from those who choose to eavesdrop on my phone conversations etc. There are a few of us (gay and lesbian) at work that are out and are known of at work but do not discuss our home lives to anyone else but each other. It's not for fear any more like it was before we came out. It's just who wants to get into a politcal debate over someone's beliefs and our lives?

To them it may be their morals or principals but it's MY LIFE. It's just a wee bit more personal for me. So, we don't. But if we're at an after hours function or co-workers house warming etc. then we do bring our partners and talk outwardly. It's on OUR time and work isn't a factor. Just as there are some companies that would withhold promotions, good reviews, or even getting hired if this were something exposed and / or discussed in the fashion heterosexuals talk about their families.

Reminds me of something my father and I discussed years ago shortly after I told him. He didn't understand why there were Pride Parades and Festivals. He said, "You don't see me wearing a shirt or saying whoopee I'm a heterosexual!" And I explained to him that it's a given. Everyone is assumed to be heterosexual - as long as our society holds that assumption, Don't ask and don't tell can thrive. There is a judgment made that everyone lives that same way. He still isn't a PFLAG card carrying member or anything but it didn't help him understand it a bit.

There's a new show on, I think Showtime? Anyway, it's called Big Love and it is a new cable series about poligamy. It shows what appears to be a normal (albeit extended) family living day to day and how everyone interacts. This is no different than Queer as Folk or L Word trying to expose and destroy some ignorance/myths about people. There is a dark side to poligamy which I do hope they explore and are honest about but as far as 3+ consenting ADULTS, who cares if they are cool with sharing a husband?

It will be interesting to see what the right has to say about this one.

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DrM2B said...

go over to dooces site....she has a recent post regarding her mormon roots view of this sho....interesting!