Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Going shopping

Online window shopping and making mental wish list...thought I'd share some things I just came across. Some are costly and others are just not necessary but appreciated.

This first is the Kona Jake which is a most incredible asphalt product.

This is the touring bike, my first choice. It's called the Kona Sutra; just check out those disc brakes!! This one goes for just over a grand (figures) but she sure is pretty. They had a demo going on in Flagstaff last month; missed it. Just heard about it las week and was told of another in the Valley but that was March 3 and/or 4th. Yep, missed that one too! Drat! I don't bike near like I used to. I once lived on a cycle all year round in the mountains, snow, didn't matter. Back then, if I could have afforded it, it would make sense. Now? Eh? Not so much. Ha ha ha. But perhaps that could be the club I was looking for - cycling? Anyway, these are actually the 2005 models.

You should see the 2006 frames, very nice. The Lisa series is quite a site and very ergonimically designed for women which is a major plus.

Then I wandered over
here and found some more goodies to add to the bag! How about this Tadpole, weighing only 4 lbs. 4oz you can pretty much pack it anywhere. Of course I would prefer it in the mango colour option instead.

I like having bright colors; easier to find camp when heading back from the hike. Without street signs my sense of direction isn't as sharp, lol!

Also a few little accessories to go along for the ride.

NOPE, not them but this is better oooh and these and then finally,

I think this would make a fantastic whoobie!

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