Thursday, March 23, 2006

concerts and music - catching up

I was reading some posts tonight to keep tabs and after reading one that listed attended concerts and the other I read listing top songs being currently played (thoroughly played) I thought I'd combine the two and list my top ten favorite concerts and my current ten most played recent songs (those I am diggin' right now).

Concerts (in no particular order):
1. Equality Rocks 2000 Rally

(Chaka, G. Michael, Pet Shop, Etheridge, Garth, Latifah, etc.)

2. Sarah McLachlan
3. Indigo Girls
4. Tina Turner
5. Anita Baker
6. Melissa Etheridge
7. Tori Amos
8. BoDeans
9. The Cure
10. Fleetwood Mac

Favorite current playlist (again, no particular order):
1. Escape (Journey)
2. I Go Back (Chesney)
3. Take Me As I Am (Blige)
4. Precious Things (Amos)
5. Abacab (Genesis)
6. Dreams (BoDeans)
7. Full Moon (Brandy)
8. White Ladder (Gray)
9. Too Marvelous for Words (Sinatra)
10. Difficult Kind (Sheryl Crow)

I've been stuck with a couple of those songs for quite a while but the Blige album is quite awesome and I actually listen to numerous tracks however that one is repeated most. Wow, reflecting back on it-quite a different mix...but that's the idea I suppose.

Anyone care to partake?

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