Monday, March 27, 2006

"V" Another rant ~

I'm sure there's going to be much buzz about this movie - politically thrown about like a rag doll. Regardless if you're a lefty or righty there's one point of the film that's relevent on either side,
"Government should fear the people more than the people fear government."

The movie was enjoyable, although if you read my blog at all you know I am quite liberal so I guess that's why I did? At least according to some conservative sites. Many of them are bashing the hell out of Vendetta. There is a likeness to current politics and Bush, yes. However, the larger comparison is made with Hitler and WWII so I guess you can pull from it whatever it is you're looking for.

My personal take on the flick is that government(anywhere) can manipulate the public to believing what it wants. It's called "SPIN" and it was exampled in the movie Wag the Dog which was about Clinton's administration. Which, I again, enjoyed the movie.

I think ALL government has way too much power whether (parties) it be democrat or republican. This film showed a glimpse of history (WWII) and with current media politics, we would have the potential to repeat it, as the saying goes. Whether or not it would ever happen, who knows. Fear has been used in the past as a tactic to control, and still does via the news regarding Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan and the white house just keeps feeding us.

I'm not paranoid at all, but you watch enough Manchurian Candidate, Wag the Dog, Contact, Enemy of the State, and V and it's not far fetched how the government CAN control what we see and do and know. Civil Liberties are stripped more and more in the name of fighting terrorism. The constitution is being 'paused' to preserve the safety of our country (let alone the sanctity of marriage-another post-) so when you watch these movies including the latest; Hollywood isn't crying and whining on behalf of all liberals about the wicked republican regime...especially when you lump Wag the Dog in the mix. It's about GOVERNMENT as a whole having too much control - outside of voting do we have any say on what happens, really?

Did Clinton get fired? Impeached sure but did that truly do anything? Petitions are being circulated to impeach Bush for crimes against the constitution, civil liberties, lying about WMD's etc. Even IF he is found guilty and /or impeached will anything truly happen? We all already know the answer to these questions and this shows that it just comes back to the fact that our government has NO FEAR of the people. We don't fear them either, yet.

Hm? Perhaps I'm more anarchist than Democrat...


DrM2B said...

"FOSTER for Govenor"......U crack me up!!

Goeve said...

they don't pay enough LOL! And I'm not power hungry enough...yet (wink)