Wednesday, July 19, 2006

There was an interesting entry for Peace of Mind - the link is to the right (Leesa's words) and in part I thought I'd bring it over to share for those who may miss the point.

There are various questions to determine if you are as interesting in real life as your blog is. One of the issues singled out in this "journey" is, "Do you feel you have an image to maintain from you blog?"

After some thought I think most would have to say yes. For me as well, the answer is yes. I have never lied in my blog, not about who I am or what I believe however I am selective on what I say or how it's said.

I don't share all the details that may translate poorly in text vs if I were to have an actual face to face or a just give and take conversation of some sort. Blogging is, for the most part, one-sided. It can be misunderstood and misread and no one wants to be thought of poorly even if it is done so anonymously.

After taking a moment and thinking about the question it just seemed to open up this huge blogging psyche thing. Still though, it was an excellent point.

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