Thursday, July 20, 2006


For years they've droned on about her being a sex symbol...yea, I didn't see it myself. Not that she's unattractive but I just felt they always made more of her than necessary, I guess. Anyway, looking online today I noticed a pick - HOT pick and low and behold it was Ms. Thurman. I stand corrected - my apologies. She's still not my type but for those who do find her so...drool on:


DrM2B said...

The only reason I would find her intresting is because of her mind...she actually quite intellectual.....and her father Robert Thurman is a close bud of that lets her into the circle of trust......LOL

Goeve said...

hm? hhdl? Fill me in here. Yes, she is quite fascinating to listen to I grant you that but she is also aging quite nicely which now I can appreciate that as well. Great tan, arms, LOVE the dress.