Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Marshmallow Mentality

So I've been gabbing on for quite some time on this blog about my dreadful job #1. I hate it, it's true. But lately I've come up with my own personal mantra (for you, doc!) and that is, "I'm waiting for my marshmallow!"

I say it at least once a day if not more and it simply refers to the true gold at the end of a very long and winding rainbow. If you aren't familiar with the Marshmallow Test then click on it and read further. In a nutshell it refers to a test of grade schoolers and how they handled instant gratification regarding a marshmallow which then translates to how they cope with life as an adult. It's truly a fascinating little experiment and I had read about it decades ago and it just stuck. Well my present position leads me back to that article and where I want to be and how long I am willing to wait for it.

My partner and I attended a yoga class a couple weeks ago; while we ended the session and was just sort of meditating out she spoke about instant gratification. Another sign (no I really don't believe in them). But it did reenforce what I was already thinking. I've been itching to go car shopping and get my Saab, really really bad. But I refrained knowing that in good time and with a bit of patience, I will be in a better position to ENJOY the vehicle if I don't rush it. For several reasons this will be true; 1) financially in an even better position, 2) having waiting and covetted the car it will be more of an impact when purchased, and 3) I will have earned it because I prioritized instead of jumped for the instant grat.

The big marshmallow, the one I am actually chanting for is the overall change pending at work. I was out-tasked 5 years ago as of next May. Company A handed us over to Company B and then contracted us to still work for Company A. Got it?

The contract expires in March of '07 and is currently in negotiations. There have been several layoffs since the transition in 2002 where I have unfortunately watched many colleagues and friends go. I sat and stayed with other co-workers and we took on additional work, more demand, and of course, less appreciation. Moral has never been lower and we're ALL waiting for something to happen in March.

Rumor mill has it there will either be additional layoffs in October and/or March or perhaps the originating company(A) will bring us back?! All of these are possible, likely, and somewhat hoped for. THIS is my marshmallow; to in some way, shape, or form - leave the present company(B) I am with. If it's due to layoffs I have about 5 months of severance so that's pretty cool and job #2 is nearing it's apprenticing end. If we return to "parent" company that would be awesome as well as vacations, seniority, and overal employee satisfaction would be excellent!

So I sit waiting patiently for October or March ... possibly MAY for the guy to come back into the room to grant me my second Marshmallow.

Should it arrive, I'll probably want chocolate and graham to go with - LOL!

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