Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Montezuma's Well

My partner and I took a quickie road trip north last Saturday to check out some areas to bring the kids before school starts(YEA!). We stopped off I-17 to Montezuma's Well. Great history and interesting vanishing of the Sinagua people.

The well was created by a "sink hole" to simplify the process and is a constant 76-78 degrees all year round with millions of gallons processing daily from a spring.

There's an outlet that runs out the back side and the indigenous people 900 years ago(?) developed canals to irrigate crops etc. which runs along the Beaver Creek that you may catch glimpses of in the photos. The water from the well and in the canal is actually crystal clear and the ruins are amazing especially on the lower path into the cave dwellings. The temperature difference was staggering AND appreciated.

If you are a local and have never gone or it's been a while or if you are visiting; it is a nice and mellow hike into some of Arizona's history (which as I age I appreciate so much more).

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