Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I got tagged, me? Thanks, Doc!?
5 weird things about me. This was much harder than I had anticipated. Not that I'm not odd in aspects of my life but to identify them? I did have to ask for help because I only came up with two.

1) When using the microwave/alarm I have to end the time in a 2 (8:12 or :52, etc.)

2) I cry after many times after my partner and I have sex ( in a good way, lol). Just this overwhelming release and power thing. It's pretty cool.

3) Grocery loading, I have to load it on the belt in categories as I want it bagged: cold with cold, boxes with boxes, cans with cans and so forth and then only I can load the car so that heavy stuff goes on the bottom and the lighter goods don't get crushed. It's just logic?! DUH!

4) When I eat I can't mix food, it's just gross the whole mash potato and corn thing, NO WAY! And I don't drink until after I've finished eating or come close to.

5) The kids make fun of my paranoia about their friends coming over and getting hurt either in the pool or walking down the stairs. Don't know that's weird but they think so - so I'll include it.


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DrM2B said...

um.....:::sheepish look::: thanx?!