Sunday, August 06, 2006

Morning show madness

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So I was driving to Job #2 Friday morning and for some crazy ass reason I have the radio on. I NEVER listen to the radio especially in the mornings because there is never any good, if any, music on them anymore.

So anyway, there is this discussion that I missed the tip of and all I am hearing is this screeching woman (Carla of 104.7 in AZ) one of three of the morning DJs yelling at the caller about how ignorant she is being and how she's giving her a headache from her idiotic thought / question / comment? The two guys that work with her (John Jay and Rich) are trying to defend the caller by supporting whatever it was that was said. They can't get a word in edgewise and I don't quite know the subject but Carla sounds like a complete lunatic who is blowing up emotionally.

The caller was wanting to know why musicians/artists use offensive language in their songs that gets the audience in trouble if they sing it. Sounds confusing? The example given was, Kanye West had a song out (which I really F*KIN hated) last year about a gold digger. The N* word is in this song. The caller was upset because she is white (that's not why...) and when she's in the club singing that song or in her car whatever, she apparently was told or read somewhere that white people can't sing that word in the song because the black community finds it offensive.

Carla is evidently African-American (AA) and said if she sang that song in a club she would get her ass kicked and she better not sing it. She was getting really pissed at the caller and not listening to the point. The caller didn't argue she'd get a beating; she wanted to know why? It's a song written by an AA man who understands the history behind the word yet chooses to use it anyway knowing the public who he expects to PAY for this song will sing it - regardless of colour, creed, etc. Caller is asking, why in today's times is this still an issue?

My problem, 1) Carla is a small minded, big mouthed nonstop arguing without listening left a lot to be desired. She was a complete turn off 2)Caller had a very valid point, don't use the word in a song if you find it offensive; that's being a hypocrit and 3) this song, with every single lyric, is offensive. It's offensive to women of all nationality, it's offensive to men who are good father's etc., it's offensive for lack of sexual education - no mention of using protection just who's getting who pregnant and if it's yours mentality that you find on Maury "Who's your daddy" Povich!?

The word is VERY offensive; I agree. I never use it and cease listening to a song that does as it is not an appropriate word to be tossed about lightly including within the young, black community.

What I did find astonishing was Caller made an excelled point (among several) that referred to the song as if it were a poem. It's a form of art, and if you're reading a poem, wouldn't you read it in its entirety? As it was meant to be read? Carla retorted, not unless you want an ass whoopin'. Well put, Carla.

And they pay her for this?

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