Monday, September 18, 2006

Last Kiss

My partner scored preview tix last week and we checked out the premier of The Last Kiss. Heavy on the drama but well put together and life does often fall into pattern that way - it was a solid thumbs up for me. The soundtrack however, spectacular.

I've been playing a lot of Snow Patrol and Blue October lately anyway but the compilation of this album is truly something not to pass up. There's the Cary Bros., Remy Zero, Coldplay, the aforementioned Snow Patrol, and many, many others. Excellent selection and you'll perhaps notice many of the bands selected have been seen/er heard previously in other Braff pics such as Garden State.

Think he has some say? Anyway, it's a great story, but the soundtrack plays on well past the screen going dark. Really enjoyable; a do not miss.

A week later and my mind is still all over dialogue and sound from this pic. Wow!

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