Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We were attacked!!!

Went camping this weekend. Just my partner, our baby (Ella), and myself. Oh, and then during the eve while relaxing by fire we were invaded by another who crashed our party.

This is a Hercules Beetle that dwell in New Mexico and Arizona, or so I've briefly read about. It's a D. Ganti, which is latin for really freakin' big ass beetle. It's eyes glowed orange in the light. I'll post some actual pictures when I get the chance. The horns weren't as developed on our visitor but it was definitely the same family and evidently is quite friendly. They are known to be the most gentle and handleable of all the beetle family of this size...yea, thanks but no, I'll pass.

Dog kept wanting to visit but I finally scooted it away from the site and let it on its way.

Oh yea, gotta love the outdoors - going back out with the kids in another month. We'll see if he's still out a bout.


DrM2B said...

Yeah....U know I want one! The praying Mantis I ordered wasnt avail.....so....might as well.. =)

Goeve said...

ew! Well, drive about 8 miles east of Houston Mesa Campgrounds in Payson - they're free!! LOL

DrM2B said...

Just might have to do a day trip!.....hell...if you can make me re-create a deliverance scene with those damn pollywogs....then U can drive me to get a couple Rhino-bugs =)

Goeve said...

ROFLMAO!!! That was hilarious. Yea, that's cool buy I am not touching them or catching them - I will bring you to them and that's where I draw the line, hon.

Leesa said...

Ugh...I probably would have peed my pants. Ick. Ew. Pooey.