Sunday, September 24, 2006

Paarty Time!

So we had a huge party for the 9 year old yesterday. Took the night off from job 1 and had a house full, pool full, and yard full of 9-10 year old boys and a couple of girls...I think there were some 15 or so total kids. Lost count, they move around a lot so it's hard to keep

Anyway, it was a great success; I made the "best burgers and hotdogs with hardly ANY black on them at all" and it "rocked!" This was an actual quote by one of the boys. This after a week of craziness...Explorer had a flat which in turn cost us money in tires, then it would not start which cost a battery and is still in the shop for prev A/C issues. I've been in a rental since Friday which I am happily enjoying because as I've posted before, I'm going to, I MEAN IT, acquire a 9-3 Saab SOON so to run around in a car (which has new car smell!!!) for a few days is - well, I'm lovin' it.

Should be getting the old gal back Monday, perhaps Wednesday depending on the fight we may be facing - long story. So until then, I "have" a new car. I'm rocking out in the driveway with the stereo full tilt and the seat reclined ALL the way back. I was in there for 20 minutes the other day...ahhh, such heaven.

Also, started a women's group. Met several members Friday eve. Actually my partner started it on Yahoo. It's a GLBT Parents group. Other moms mostly have joined but dads are welcome and encouraged. The idea is to share experiences and be able to speak with others in the same situations as things arise. It also gives the kids someone in their own "true" peer group to discuss issues they may be dealing with as kids of gay parents or being raised in a gay household. The meeting went great. We were just talking for hours and no one wanted to leave. Crazy all the similarities and coincidences...REALLY crazy.

Everyone had so much in common from history, exes, living arrangements, etc. Being the person who joined a family it was nice to talk to other women who lived alone and then were instant families as well. We could share how we have low tolerance days and understand it and relate and give each other tips. It was really good. Made me feel like others really get it. We have a couple of functions coming up next month. It's an active group. We'll do camping trips, picnics, hikes, etc. Everyone is really excited and looking forward to it so it should do well. I think she had eight couples join the group within 24 hours.

It's been a very positive week. A lot of change in the air as this Summer season came to an end. The world smells sweeter. Perhaps that is because the windows are open now in the eves but I'll take it. Might head north for a quick turnabout to check on the change of colour. We'll see.

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