Monday, September 04, 2006

When it becomes personal...SB1437

So last week my partner receives an email from a high school friend. This woman is also godmother to her child, etc. They've remained close, in touch, and visit one another a few times a year. Said friend lives in So California. Evidently there's this prop on the ballot to give the public school more pronoun freedom in their curriculum. To put it in a nutshell, they cannot ban books or the use of same gender pronouns or people such as Jill and Jill instead of Jack and Jill. It allows teachers to be flexible when discussing families. This format would include single parenting, same gender parenting, bi-racial parenting, etc. You know, an actual portrayal of real life for children to identify with.

So, in the usual norm of blanket forwarding friends, this person includes my partner on her email to SUPPORT the fight to defeat this proposition which promotes understanding and acceptance. Just FYI - she's also a born again...okay. That said, my partner and I are furious. Because she is "godmother" to one of her kids, she took even more offense (if possible) at the idea that her "thoughts" on the matter are damaging to her children. She has never been okie-doke with my partner's choices in life at this stage of the game but always claims to love, etc. Blah! Yea right.

So an email was sent back to said friend and was cc'd to all of the people included in the original email list as she wants to be sure NO ONE identifies her as one of the people who feel the way of the "christian way right." Well, the whole next day the phone calls/voice messages kept coming. She asked that her friends not be emailed and that she really wants to talk and that she should be able to have a difference of opinion and that it's her beliefs just as it is my partners. Yada yada yada. My partner has not had a conversation with her yet as we're still feeling a bit bruised over this whole shebang to say the least.

What I have a hard time getting over - as does my partner - is how does this woman; hell, this group of "believers", sleep at night when they spend SO MUCH energy to make our lives miserable. Our goal in life is to find happiness and enjoy life; we don't wage props to remove rights from others. Why do these people feel they deserve to get married, or have families, or have benefits in case their partner falls ill or passes, etc... yet we do not? Do they truly feel better than us? Do they think they've earned it and we're just asking to be granted this special right? And the underlying factor here, the real bottom line as she puts it, is it's just a difference of opinion. Maybe for her. Whether this prop passes or fails, her life isn't affected. Mine is.

Althought I've never met her, I have never liked this said friend. I normally have no issues with people, especially those I've never met. But from the jump, when my partner and I first started seeing each other (the very first night), I heard stories of this friend that showed her to be a judgemental, ignorant, bigot who hid behind her faith as a curtain of all that is holy. My partner knows this for I've never made it secret. I knew I'd never want to meet her for I would not be able to contain myself.

I bust my ass for an average of 65 hours a week between two jobs including a third shift and I get two days off a month. My partner and I take care of our family, each other, our pets, our house, our cars, and take nothing from the state nor the government. We pay my taxes, maintain our property, and take pride in what we contribute to our society. We hold doors for everyone as we enter/exit buildings, nod or say hello when we see a stranger, and I am constantly giving people the current time or directions somewhere (really I do, all the time, I'm like friggin' Information). I've earned the right as a citizen to be granted the same respect as everyone else. I'm not asking for handouts, welfare, or pity; it's getting ridiculous.

In a country that is supposedly set up as a seperation of church and state our current government has really driven home its faith by trying to amend the constitution to DENY rights to a group of people. Our whole basis as a country is being tried and tested on the basis of one party's beliefs. How is this acceptable, especially in 2006?! Can someone explain why these people are so concerned with lives that have nothing to do with their own?

There's now a prop in AZ to remove the domestic partner benefits from people; which not only affects same sex couples but ALL folks of Arizona. Why? I don't understand this hate and fear and the notion that it's a matter of a mere difference of opinion speaks volumes. For us, it's our lives, our futures, our happiness. For them, it's a political button, a difference of opinion; a belief. How convenient.


DrM2B said...
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Goeve said...

Taking the "high road" is not the same this as waiting for the universe to "work it all out."

Change only comes from action not sitting idle doing nothing.
Granted some people cannot be changed but would I be doing my part if I didn't at least try to educate someone and by chance sparking that change? Some eyes may open in the process. For those that do, it's well worth it.

The world is messed up and only will remain so if people continue to live in apathy. I guess it all goes back to someone's beliefs vs. someone's actual LIFE. It is my duty, and everyone else's for that matter, to initiate change and IMPROVE humankind, not shrug our shoulders and say "oh well." I simply can't buy into that philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Does drm2b = DRAMA 2 BE?

Does DRAMA have another motive? I don't understand why she is bringing up something that has nothing to do with SB1437???

From what I read SB1437 is about homosexuality. I don't know your life but I do know many people need/have to stay married for other reasons. It is not mine or her place to judge or question, you know what is right in your heart so just continue to follow it. From what I have read of past Blogs it seems you have a GREAT relationship with your partner and the children.
(congratulations on the anniversary)

And if DRAMA says she is not defending "this woman" her response is contradicting or is it just bitchy? Sounds like DRAMA has more of an issue with you and your partner then she wants to let on????

I say do what you need to do to defend your rights. Marriage may not be for everyone, but EVERYONE should be able to make that choice for themselves!

DrM2B said...
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Anonymous said...

That is my name DRAMA... and point proven here you are on GE's page and causing even more DRAMA. I figured you to be a just a little more clever in your come back... anymoose?? LMAO (at you)

I have known GE a lot longer than you have. I do not blog, but have always enjoyed reading what GE has to say. I have always found it enlightening, up beat, and SHE speaks about things that should be said. Maybe as the "friend" you say you are you need to get your ASS on a soapbox and support her.

Very funny to see you still defend your motives but I believe all that read this will realize that YOUR motives are still in QUESTION.

Be happy for others and the good that comes to them in their life, and maybe you too will find happiness and can leave the DRAMA behind you. "enjoy the scenery"



DrM2B said...
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Anonymous said...

Well Drama seems to almost be on the right track. As usual you start sweet but sour is sure to follow, but at least it is good to see the half hearted attempt is there.

Such a good friend. (wink,wink)

mmm...Drama? My kisses would never touch your disease infested filth.

Love ya GE, and for YOU I will not respond any further to Drama's drama.


DrM2B said...
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DrM2B said...

I guess from here on in ....I will speak with U in person.....It is unfortunate that Maria (who doesnt even have a blog of her own) needs to find fault in everything that I have posted here.... what ever happened to freedom of opinion?

I refuse to cloud your blog...and it seems anything that I say will increase her spew of fodder towards me.

pee-shout....LUV ya....mean it