Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another steal

Same place as yesterday; another swipe. Can't think of anything to say in depth so this was a perfect exercise ... couldn't pass it up.

You can only type one word. No explanations.

Yourself: Busy
Your partner: Understanding
Your hair: Brown
Your Mother: Incapacitated
Your Father: Unconditional
Your Favorite Item: Many
Your dream last night: Family
Your Favorite Drink: Soda
Your Dream Car: Saab
Your Dream Home: Ranch
The Room You Are In: Cubicle
Your Ex: Gina
Your fear: Failure
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? Self-employed
Who you hung out with last night: co-workers
What You're Not: Patient
Muffins: Banana
One of Your Wish List Items: Saab
Time: Irrelevent
The Last Thing You Did: Sex
What You Are Wearing: Clothes
Your favorite weather: Rain
Your Favorite Book: Shrugged
Last thing you ate: Chinese
Your Life: Busy
Your mood: Anxious
Your Best Friends: Fun
What are you thinking about right now: Vacation
Your car: Truck
What are you doing at the moment: Working
Your summer: HOT
Relationship status: Monogomous
What is on your tv: Nothing
What is the weather like: Sunny
When is the last time you laughed: Today

1 comment:

DrM2B said...

Fave MOVIE?.....um yeah....that would be : JVTV!! hahahahahaha