Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A christmas story...?

Came home this morning and hadn't seen Cat for the past couple of days. Was beginning to worry then she greeted me this morning on my way in the door. Her left eye was swollen and red and a gash was clotted right above her eye. Cat fight. I was so incensed I wanted to beat the cat like I was protecting my child...stray cat, yea right. So I tried to determine the damage but Cat walked away and would not let me see her; prideful thing.

So this afternoon when I woke I "caught" her and took her to the vet. She had a fever and I was given pills to give her and they were unable to drain the knot over her eye so I am to compress it and then push it out myself. Not happening. Plus she's an outdoor cat. Anyway, the excitement comes when the vet informs me ($102 later) that she IS indeed spayed (per tatoo on belly) and that she is also microchipped. Because she's a cat it never occurred to us to check that - strays are everywhere.

Anyway...much happiness and joy as we are going to reunite Cat with her family just in time for the holidays. SNAG! The company no longer has current info on the owner. Last residence was a few miles from our house so I'm thinking they relocated in the neighborhood and didn't keep info current. SO we are going to post pics and some info re: Cat to see if she is claimed and returned home. I would truly prefer she found her family for many reasons but mostly so she'd be back inside. She defnitely seems like she is an indoor/outdoor cat. My house she's strictly out because of the dogs. Well, wish us luck as we begin our quest...I'm really hoping for a holiday ending here.

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