Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I've arrived...

To pick up where I left off...the dealer and I came to a monetary understanding and when I told him I'd be by to pick up the vehicle he advised me he didn't have the title...as of yet. After I told him he wasted my time and that I didn't appreciate the yank around for the previous 3 days we mutually decided to pass on the purchase...riiigghhht. Anyway, my partner let me know that I wasn't really getting what I wanted if I stayed in the price range I was trying to stay in. She wanted me to get the car I truly wanted. So, we broadened the scope, looked at the 2003 models and newer and found everyone and everywhere we called there was a shortage of Saab's. Seems everyone is getting one this holiday.

Not kidding, it was ridiculous. Every call we made the car was sold. Private, dealers, it just didn't matter. Then I found her. She was JUST listed and I went down that afternoon for the test drive and I had to have her. Some dickering and walking away led me up all that night. The phone call came the next day and it was all good. Then, this morning, when we were suppose to pick her up, my love tells me she was sold. Crushing blow and pain; I was rocked and needed to vomit. What I've waited for since high school has yet again, escaped my grasp.

It was all bogus. She even went so far as to tell the dealership NOT to let me know she bought it. She had them lie as well. Of course I found this all out later. She was planning on holding the car for another two weeks?!?!?! My honey, through much torment and tears, gave in and gave me my Christmas present early ... bless her. I really didn't have the nerve to carry on any further w/o my ride so I'm SOOOO thankful in addition to being thankful. I present my new car.

I'll have some personal/better pics to follow soon. If you note, last year, when I started this blog, I mentioned this vehicle on numerous occasions. Well, I finally have her and she is FAST!!! There's a computer to set an alarm; speed alarm. If I exceed a certain pre-set speed, she will chime at me to remind me to slow down. I'll certainly set that and see if it helps ;) .

She's wonderful and pretty and loaded and I am so very happy to have the holiday bless me a couple of weeks early. Thank you, love; it's perfect!


Anonymous said...

details...!!!! color?...convert?arc linear..vector???.....come on !!! spill......docm

Goeve said...

The pic is of the car but from the lot's internet photos. It's the linear but it is the 2003 promo model so it has the upgraded rims, moonroof, infotainment 6 cd with premium sound, fog lamps (f & b), leather seats, auto with tiptronic(sp?) and steering controls for phone, onstar, and stereo, etc. I am going back to saab for the rear spoiler to give it a more sport look. It looks sportier in person that the pic as you can see the slope better but the fin will definitely give it THE touch I'm looking for. I love her!