Friday, December 08, 2006


I've been a bit pre-occupied as of late. My mind has been on a vehicle. As blogged about some time ago, I've been waning for a Saab. I went so far as to take a test drive of the new 2007 about two months ago and fell in love, mostly with the perforated, supple leather seats. They both chilled and heated your bum in the most soft and luxurious way; only in a saab. Anyway, I've realized I do not want brand new or even near brand new as I do not want a second car payment and to spend more than 10K on a vehicel right not is not only irresponsible but just not appealing to me right now.

So, I found a car. It's a 9-3 SE; I tested it last Wednesday. It's a great car, turbo, automatic, climate controlled, simply loaded. Problem, it's through a dealer. I was looking at private sales to just pay cash and be gone with it. Turned out this guy ads like a private owner but is really a dealer and I realized that after I contacted him.

So, now I'm looking at the price plus tax which is a major suck factor but he was willing to reduce his price by $500 WHOO! Yeah, right. Still puts me over the budget I want to be in - not where I need to be in. I'm hoping some flash of something will occur this weekend and I'll either get an email from the guy or a call to see if he can come down a little further. I'd prefer another $500 less but can settle for $200-300 worst case.

My girlfriend just humors me at this point. We were kissing in bed that night and I started laughing - she asked what it was for and I said I didn't recall if it had cruise control; has to right? Yea, she said I was obsessed, rolled her eyes, laughed at me, gave me a hug, and said if I couldn't get to sleep I needed to leave the room because my childhood-like energy was keeping her awake. She's been totally cool about this whole thing because I have been obsessed and it's all I think or talk about. Perhaps I should have blogged sooner to save her the incessent chatter? She and the kids think I should go for it; I deserve it and it will make me happy.

This would be a most fantastic Christmas present and has certainly put myself in tops of moods. I've been seriously looking for about 4-6 months. Actively checking Craigslist and auto trader, etc. There's been a few that caught my eye but this one between price, mileage, and condition has definitely been one of the tops. There was a convertible that was crazy underpriced but the seller was very odd to say the least so I bailed on the deal. Didn't trust him to meet up and look at the car - bad vibes all over the place - you have to be careful. So, hopefully I'll be posting in a few days with good news. Eventually I will get the car I want as I am emotionally ready to handle it. I know this seems awfully silly to those who have no idea about me but I am a car fiend. I have been without a new car in oh, 3 years roughly. I am jonesing to the highest degree and have been testing myself for patience and self-control. I'm ready for the payout for my efforts, lol.

So, I do apologize for neglecting mine and everyone else's blogs recently but that should be a thing of the past, hopefully. I was to go out of town last week however St. Louis was covered in freezing rain which truly didn't appeal to me so I didn't so I'm to leave next week instead. Hopefully the weather holds up and I get there as I promised my mother I'd be out before year end...whooops - December came by awfully fast this year. Faster than ever before; did that happen for anyone else this year? Just asking.


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Ok ok it's all fixed. I've tried my third attempt at getting this Saab. I'm hoping Monday is the final run. Long story, er THREE different! I'm going nuts!!!

DrM2B said...

DO I HEAR ROAD_TRIP!?!?!? Let me know when I need to be ready =)