Saturday, February 10, 2007

Buzzy Bee

In midst of my latest injury I've also been given an assignment, HUGE, to appraise for the department of transportation. I have a city appraisal for ADOT due first week of March. Yea, I've a bit of anxiety on this due to the work involved and exposure it provides as well. Money, yea that's pretty cool too.

So, I've been working on this project for the past week and run into some road blocks and fraud scenes along the way. Tons and tons of research and for the most part, not coming up with as much as I'd hoped but there's enough to give me hope.

In the mean time, I had two clients of mine call in needing appraisals asap, meaning yesterday, of course. Rains if pours!!! You're not kidding. So, I've got a full dish and will probably not post until March. If I'm MIA now you know why.

Fortunately, it's Saturday night, change night, quiet night and I can catch up on my blog and email rather than work on the the one report I have due 2/16. Okay, I've guilted myself into getting to it.

I'm out! LOL.

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