Saturday, February 10, 2007

little by little

My posts seem to be spacing further and further apart these days. Well, I've been off night job for an extra week due to an injury. Decided to inadvertently skip a step while walking downstairs, landed completely wrong on my right foot that said "POP", which then sent me tumbling in what the teen girl called "armadillo mode" and onto the floor in screeching pain. I maintained long enough for her to leave and then CRIED like a baby in the privacy of my own pain. Shortly the phone rang, child called mother to advise she thought I really hurt myself. In octaves I didn't know I was capable of I replied, "I'm fine" to which she arrived home with my foot on the ottoman, my face 'moist', and found crutches from the garage at my side.

My hon took me to urgent care where they tried to kill me - see above pic. This is when she nearly sent me off the table with a pencil to her throat. Whoa talk about sharp ass pain!

I never thought I was a weenie but when I had the x-rays done and they were negative well, I felt pretty weenie because I have had sprains before but NEVER to the extent of pain I felt on this deal. Although it wasn't broken it was really a bad sprain. The typical sprain is to the exterior of the ankle where mine was to the inside this time. Also known as an eversion sprain. It was pretty damn bad as well, couldn't put the slightest weight on it for two days. Evidently tore a ligament and am now in a bootie, which is great btw. Has a pump on it to inflate the interior to compress the injury. I'm getting around now changing into shoe for driving after being home bound for a week.

She gets cranky tired after walking w/o boot for a significant period of time but outside that I'm at least able to limp around on it. Can't quite bend it or use it to scratch my other leg/foot yet. Yea, that's still quite painful.

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