Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Had to post what I read this eve for those who may not happen across this on their own. SO freakin' funny I was jumping up and down in my seat when I read it. Wish I was at home with hon so we could discuss and laugh our asses off. SO understand you, Tammy! As hon always says, "Power is sexy!"

Women in the House RULE!

"oh. one more thing. let's be real. let's be serious. if hilary gets in that oval office... that is one sexy bitch. regardless of whether or not i vote for her, she'd be a WOMAN in DA HOOOOOOUSE. and let's be real some more. that's kinda sexy.... hilary in her presidential suits, in charge of so many things... whoo... like a lady in uniform... okay. i admit it. (pretending honey weren't in the picture:) if i was an intern, and hilary was ruling the free world. man, i would totally suck her dick in that oval office without thinking twice about it. curve or no curve to the tip. "
posted by Tammy, midwestern girl

And congrats to Hillary on her NH victory, what the hell does IOWA know?!?!

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