Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cocktail faux pas...?

So hon and I went to this spa cocktail party for a friend of her's. We had a nice time, she took photos of everyone for the hostess and I sipped on cranberry juice. We talked politics, sexuality, relationships, babies, investments, etc. After about an hour and a half or so, my hon pulls me from one conversation to introduce me to some other folks that came in a bit later in the eve.

Turns out we all went to school together some 20 (or so) years ago. One of them being the hostess' latest love interest. OMG - it was a hoot. We were laughing and pointing, "yea, I know you! I knew you looked familiar..."blah blah.

I made mention to one particular party goer about things done in the past which was quickly denied..."oh, that wasn't me, I didn't do that..." Oh, I'm so sorry to have busted you like that before your girlfriend. Although the two have been together just shy a decade and the events I referred to were over TWO decades ago...she was either in denial or was so wasted she truly forgot her history???

Quite funny, hon just excused herself to "take more photos" and we continued chatting and reminiscing. All in all it was a good eve but I guess not all nostalgia is welcomed...lesson learned.

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