Sunday, October 19, 2008

New pics

We went to Flagstaff last weekend for my nephew's football game. They won 18-6 - anyway, it was freakin' cold and windy!

The cold wasn't bad at all - about 45 or so - but the wind was a b**ch so we bundled the babes and took them out. She was awesome - didn't cry or fuss, was styling with her shades and crazy lookin-lady blanket.
He was a candy a**. I told him he better buck up before sledding season. Momma was coddling him; once I took him out of the car he was fine. We chatted, got on the same page, and he was good to go.

"It was a beautiful day in the valley - I'm not really quite sure what momma and mommy were thinking?!"

"Who are you calling a candy a**?!"

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