Sunday, November 30, 2008


There are pros and cons to everything and as much fun as the holiday season may be I am already looking forward to it's end.

We started Wednesday to prep for T-day. We cleaned, we cooked, we baked. My mom's cheesecake - found the recipe and after not having it for over 20 years, thought I'd give it a go. After mixing and pouring you bake for 1/2 an hour then leave in oven for 3 hours. No problem. Except I didn't notice it was 11:3o at night when I started this brilliant project. So I set my alarm for 3am. Next thing I know it's 6am - Oh Shazzbat, the cheese cake! I stuck it in the fridge and crossed my fingers.

We did much yard work that T-day morning. Had the Bobcat out, graded the yard and gathered bulk to the side for the big push out Friday morning. I continued cooking and FINALLY got showered about 3pm just as everyone was arriving. They raved about my cheesecake, nice - I nailed it. Then I cleaned til 11pm.

Next? LIGHTS! After an entire day of putting up lights I am still tired. We have three deer, some packages, net lights and a retro stream over the roof line. THEN we started putting up the lattice fence on the west side for the vine we bought two weeks (maybe 3) to settle into. Digging holes, pouring cement, planting vines, we were filthy, wet, cold, and tired.

All this between going to the old house for carpet cleaning and check up prior to next rental AND the townhouse just vacated so now we are in the process of screening renters on THAT one. Oh if we could only just !@#$&*% SELL THEM!

Next week some friends are hosting their annual holiday wine tasting party. Hon asked if we were going and I just want to decline. The following weekend is OUR annual Rainbow Fences party which I am sure we will be busy with and then the following week is Christmas which will be busy, etc.

I am, indeed, thankful to have my family and friends and have this before us but at the same time, especially after my recent weekend, I'm a tad overwhelmed. It seems a bit non-stop since a couple of weeks ago. There was the election, the rally, the 1 in 10 meeting; I don't know where she finds the energy but she is amazing, truly.

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