Sunday, November 16, 2008

Standing up for Equality

After four states (the only four with "homosexual agenda" on the ballot) spoke loud and clear on homosexuality, the community decided to talk back. Across the nation at the same hour, every state held rallies. In Los Angeles, over 10,000 people participated; there were others in San Diego, San Fransisco, etc. In Phoenix, Arizona, over 4000 people participated, however AZCENTRAL reported on 2000. Sad - doesn't matter - I was there. It was larger than I expected. Prop 8's outcome really woke up the community. It was taken for granted that the minorities, being tired of their own mistreatment, would stand up and vote accordingly. It was taken for granted that a democratic win would automatically ensure an equality win across the board. Boy, were we wrong. It was more of a sting - a slap in the face that we ended up worse of, of all things, in this election than ever before in the previous two REPUBLICAN won elections. WTF???

So we attended the rally - the babes were awesome as usual and we took some pics. I really enjoyed some of the signs. It was a great day, a beautiful walk, and nice to see everyone geared up to end this ridiculous bigotry, hopefully, once and for all.

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